Sofia will become a greener city by 2020

26 Jul 2021

Reading time: 1 minutes

This was announced at a press conference of Sofia Municipality by the Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova.

To achieve this goal, a report on the urban environment was prepared by the world-famous architect Jan Geel. He was invited by Sofia Municipality years ago to help turn our capital into a green city. This report will become a program that will work to facilitate traffic in the city, improve connections between parks, shaping public spaces.

Some of the measures concerning accessibility are already being implemented. After the report is published, a special team, led by Sofia's chief architect Zdravko Zdravkov and deputy mayors, will prepare a program with three types of measures. The first measures are short-term and will be implemented in the period until 2020, the medium-term measures must be implemented by 2025, and the long-term - by 2030.

Statistics show that nearly 30% of Sofia residents are pedestrians. 40% of citizens use public transport, and about 32% drive a car. Only about 2% rely on the bicycle. The reasons - there is no connection between the bike lanes, and public transport is not well coordinated and works only during the day.

The purpose of the changes is to extend and organize pedestrian areas and bike lanes. According to the project, the bicycle network will connect the existing bike lanes between them and will extend their access to the center.

There are four main directions in the report of one of the most famous urban planners - Jan Geel. The first direction is related to urban identity and the improvement of pedestrian and transport contacts with Vitosha. The second is to improve the way you move. This will be done by improving the pedestrian network, public transport, bike lanes and pedestrian areas.

Sofia can also fight against the polluted air and noise with the large green areas it has. However, they are concentrated mainly in the southern districts and the so-called green corridors between them are missing. That is why we will work on the development of systems for connected pedestrian routes - pedestrian spaces with connection to parks and public places.

Improving and shaping the facades of buildings and certain types of urban furniture is one of the important recommendations that will be worked on, commented the chief architect of Sofia Zdravko Zdravkov. The implementation of all these measures will help in the proper planning of the city, he concluded.