Traditions and superstitions when moving into a new home 🔮

09 Sep 2022

Reading time: 1 minute

-    “Move into your new home on Thursday, considered by some to be the luckiest day of the week.” That is, unless everyone else decides to move then, which would make finding a van quite difficult.

-    “Lighting a candle in your new home is an age-old tradition believed to bring light and ward off darkness.” If you don't have a candle, feel free to use the flashlight app on your smartphone.

-    “Put fennel in your lock to protect your home from witches.” And everyone else with a key. 😃


-    “Cook milk and rice in an open pot until it boils to invite prosperity, wealth and abundance into your home.” Might be worth moving for that alone.

-    „Izostavete starite si metli, mopove i prakhosmukachki, za da ostavite sled sebe si vsyaka negativnost, koyato ste izpitali v predishniya si dom.“ Ako ste bili napŭlno shtastlivi v predishnoto si zhilishte ili ne mozhete da si pozvolite novo pochistvashto oborudvane, mozhe da iskate da propusnete tova.

-    “Ditch your old brooms, mops and vacuum cleaners to leave behind any negativity you experienced in your previous home.” If you were perfectly happy in your previous home or can't afford new cleaning equipment, you may you want to skip this.

-    “Ring a bell for good luck.” Or put a bell on your pet and you're done.

-    Bring wine to your new home. And open it as soon as you can to congratulate yourself on a job well done.