Do you rent property?

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Below we will introduce you to some of the services you receive. If you choose to rent a new home with us:

  • We will not only build your new home, but we will also help you with legal advice, in the negotiations for clarifying the terms of rent and in case of any problems that arise during the period and beyond.
    We assist in issuing and securing the necessary documents, so that the whole process runs smoothly. Our documents and lease agreements have been prepared by Christie's many years of experience in this field.
  • If you do not have the necessary knowledge, experience and information to determine the market position of the property, which we fear, "We will consult you completely objectively, because our consultants monitor daily prices on the property market.
  • The agency is actively working with us with over 8,000 real estate, which will contribute to the faster settlement of your new home. Our consultants support a link exclusively and with highly recommended landlords, which provides them with the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest properties, which have not yet reached the internet.
  • Our team consists of young and ambitious people who speak foreign languages, and if you are renting a house in Bulgaria for the first time, do not worry - they will stay with you not only until the end of the meeting, but also in case of serious problems.
  • By choosing to work with us, you can be sure that you will be able to handle individual income and behavior during the whole process. Our office is in a communicative location and is always open for inquiries. Revolution Estate is a company with a positive reputation, both among agencies and clients. We appreciate our good name and for us the big reward is a good recommendation after we intend your dream home, office or others.

Turn property settlement into a pleasant survival, filled with lots of smiles and positive emotions.

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