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Below we will introduce you to some of the services you receive.


  • If you choose to give away your property with us: We will not only arrange for the rent to be paid, but we will assist you with legal advice, in the negotiations for clarifying the terms of the lease, in signing the Lease Agreement and in case of any problems during the rental period.
  • Determining the market rental price is one of the key moments for the successful issuance of the property.
    If you have overestimated the scale of the rental price, you will lose time, during which you will not realize income
    due to incorrect and overdraft. If the rental price is underestimated, then you will suffer losses, which could be on a
    serious scale on an annual basis. Thus, if you do not have the necessary knowledge, experience and information to determine
    the market rental status of your property, We will determine the price objectively.
  • The work after the lease starts before the actual offering of the property. Following a detailed view of your property,
    we will give you a competent assessment of its condition, we will dedicate to you the minimum improvements, which may increase its price.
    Good trade type is of great importance for fast rental.
  • In order to successfully lease your property, it needs to be well-publicized. We deal with the making of the advertising plan,
    selection of channels and ways of advertising, advertising materials and messages, establishing communication with potential customers and more.

  • One of the most expensive and complex things related to advertising is the professional disappearance of property.
    We have a photographer, specializing in the preparation of photo sessions for apartments, offices, etc.

    When you choose to work with us, we will assume the responsibility for conducting trade negotiations or the terms
    of concluding a lease agreement.

    Skillful negotiation is the key to successful completion of the lease process, and We aim for exactly that!


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