Bulgaria ranks 20th in the world in terms of housing affordability

15 Nov 2021

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Bulgaria is ranked 20th in a global survey of housing affordability by the British company Roofing Megastore, which deals with the supply of construction materials.

 is ranked 43rd in terms of housing affordability, it takes almost 17 years to pay for a 100 square meter home with an average annual salary. It takes 16.7 years in Greece, which puts the country in 40th place, and in Turkey, it takes 14.5 years, which puts the country in 29th place.

Saudi Arabia, where the average annual salary exceeds $ 20,350 and a 100-square-meter apartment costs only $ 90,774, is the country with the most affordable housing in 2021, according to the study, quoted by the online edition of the World Property Journal.